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Enabling a sustainable way of life and creating an Open Source Economy through free access to self made means of production.

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Open Source Ecology (OSE) Germany is an open movement aimed at establishing an Open Source Economy, optimizing both production and distribution, while at the same time promoting the regeneration of the environment and social justice.

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Open hardware development:
Professionals, engineers, inventors, students,

associations, organizations, companies.

Organizational structure:
Networkers, fundraiser, legal advice,
IT support, media design.

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We will keep you updated at our blog.


A key component of Open Source Ecology is the

openess of information, for example, about

various developments which can be found in our Wiki.


You will find collections of ideas and discussions on various projects and topics in our forum.



Open Source Ecology Germany e.V.

Knobelsdorffstr. 22
D-14059 Berlin

Phone: +49 (0) 30 / 92282426
Email: verein [at] ose-germany.de
Jointly authorized representative:
Chairman: M.Eng. Timm Wille
(two additional board members as representatives)

The imprint applies to: opensourceecology.de, ose-germany.de

Register entry:
Registered in the register of associations.
At the register court: Local Court Charlottenburg
Under the register number: VR 35009 B

Responsible for the content according to section 55(2) RStV (Interstate Broadcasting Treaty):
Unless otherwise specified, editorial content is managed by the public relations department.

Contact person:
Timm Wille
timm.wille [at] ose-germany [dot] de
(address of the association)